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To meet the demands of the growing need for an Australian-based clinical mentorship programme in complex restorative dentistry, we are proud to offer this as part of our DST Academy’s continuing education programme.

DST Academy aims to educate and train dental professionals to achieve their highest level of professional growth and have fun. We provide guidance tailored to the learning style of the individual. We present easy-to-understand, evidence-based concepts and simplify clinical procedures for predictability and enjoyment.

Our Partners in Your Continuing Education

Our training programme is made possible through the support of our business friends and we would like to acknowledge their dedication and commitment to continuing education.

  • Nobel Biocare, Australia
  • Morita
  • Henry Schein Halas
  • Gunz Dental
  • Dentsply
  • 3M Espe
  • Ivoclar
  • Australian Dental Association, NSW branch

Faculty of DST Academy

  • Anthony Au, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Sydney, Founder of DST Academy

and more…

from time to time, we will be featuring international educators who will share their knowledge and skills with you.

Many of our courses have the following unique advantages:

  • One on one clinical training, treating your own patients
  • Teaches time-tested, evidence-based treatment philosophy for complex restorative cases, using the latest, proven dental materials and techniques
  • You will receive information on how to objectively classify complex cases
  • Your nurse and yourself will be trained in providing complex restorative treatment using Dr. Daryl Beach’s Proprioceptive Derivation (PD) principles of dental ergonomics
  • You will learn clinical skills in a way tailored to your learning style, whether it is visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. Our revolutionary teaching methods make sure you make the most of your learning experience
  • You can maximise your learning interactions in a small group format with a maximum of 8 participants.


Dental Specialists of Turramurra
Suite 1 & 2, 1335 Pacific Highway,
Turramurra  NSW   2074

Curriculum and educational programme

Half Day Courses

“The Right Stuff”
Confused about the maze of dental materials available for restorative dentistry? This lecture series provides an easy to follow guide to selecting the tailoring the right dental material to the case you are treating.

“Better provisionals made easy”

This lecture and hands-on program teaches you how to make better provisionals easier. This will enhance the long-term success of your restorative work.

“Implant trouble shooting”

Implant treatment is not always a piece of cake. This lecture gives personal experience on how to free yourself from the unexpected sticky situations.

“Removable Pros made fun”

Removable partial and complete dentures: Conventional & alternative techniques

Implant-supported removable prostheses

One Day Courses

“Composite Artistry: anterior teeth”

Hands-on workshop for aesthetic techniques and materials update

“Composite Artistry: posterior teeth”

Hands-on workshop for aesthetic techniques and materials update

“Porcelain veneers”

Hands-on workshop for laminates and materials update

“Occlusion, TMD and Dental Sleep Medicine”

Management of TMD, how to identify the “dangerous patients” and the dentist’s role in sleep medicine, snoring and sleep apnoea

“Ergodontics for the restorative dentist: fixed prosthodontics”

“Ergodontics for the restorative dentist: periodontics and endodontics”

DST Mentoring Program (MP3)

MP3 Module 1 Introduction

Half day workshop with ergodontics practical.

  1. new tools for comprehensive diagnostic data collection
  2. secrets of communication skills for case acceptance
  3. introduction to ergodontics and how to preserve your back

MP3 Module 2 Restorative Residency

Hands-on and lectures – 6 one day modules

  1. Decision making for restoring the severely worn dentition
  2. Practical and evidence-based decision making for restoring endodontically treated teeth
  3. Restore or remove? When is an implant better than a tooth?
  4. TMD, sleep bruxism and making occlusal splints that work
  5. No brainer cosmetic assessment using a systematic approach
  6. New crown preparation techniques using tools that make life easier
  7. Perfect impressions made easy

MP3 Module 3 Treating your patient together at Dental Specialists Turramurra

( By arrangement with DST)

1.Consultations – using the “click down” technique*

  1. Complete examinations – the secret to co-diagnosis*
  2. Case Discussions – turn your “mustomer” into a “customer” by providing weighted choices*
  3. Clinical Management- all clinical stages covered, including pain – free local anaesthesia, simpler crown preparation techniques,
  4. easier and cosmetically pleasing provisionals, mastery in soft tissue management, first-go perfect impressions, latest cementation and maintenance protocols
  5. Continuing Care – cementing commitment to active maintenance*

(* developed by Prime Practice)

“We are confident that you will learn something very unique. Even if you only did the first one or two modules, your enjoyment of clinical dentistry will still be greatly enriched. We promise that it will be fun, educational and professionally rewarding. Come and take the journey with us!”

How to register:

Please contact us on 61-2-9488-7455 or by email, admin@dentalspecialists.com.au

Tuition fees:

Module 1 – To be advised

Module 2 – To be advised

Module 3 – To be advised

Food and drinks are provided at all 3 modules.

Spaces limited to 8 participants for modules 1 & 2.Bottom of Form

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