No more ‘one day’; get a straighter smile today with Invisalign!

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Are you one of the many people out there who has wished for a straighter smile, but just never got around to doing anything about it? You tell yourself ‘I’ll look into it one day’, but one day has never arrived, and instead you’re continuing with that habit of hiding your teeth with your hand when you smile or talk.

We’ve got good news for you! Straightening your smile has never been easier thanks to the revolutionary technology put to use in Invisalign, and it’s available right here at Dental Specialists Turramurra under the highly trained eye of Dr Kamini Titus.

How does Invisalign work?

Through a series of clear and virtually invisible aligners, it’s possible for us to gradually move your teeth to their new, straighter position.

Not only is Invisalign seriously discreet thanks to its total lack of wires and brackets, but it’s also considerably more comfortable than traditional braces, and you can take it out to eat, brush, floss, and attend special occasions.

Further to this, you’ll only need to attend check-ups about every two months. At your appointments we’ll provide you with a series of aligners which you’ll change yourself at home about every two weeks.

Each and every day Dr Titus sees patients of all ages who are looking for the perfect solution to help them achieve their dream of a straighter smile.

“This treatment is particularly good for adults who don’t want an orthodontic treatment which they feel would interfere with their lifestyle, or be too obvious to others in the workplace and the like,” Dr Titus said.

“One of the great things about Invisalign is that my patients can often start to see the results within just a few months. It’s a real boost for them to know it’s working so quickly.”

Dr Titus is also a certified Invisalign Teen Provider.

Going beyond aesthetics

Did you know that straightening your smile is also an investment in your long-term overall health?

When your teeth are properly aligned, it’s easier for you to clean them properly, making it less likely for you to suffer from gum disease, wear, or chipping. It also reduces the likelihood of you needing to undergo costly repair work later in life, thus helping to improve your chances of keeping your own teeth for life.

What are you waiting for?

To date more than three million people around the world have successfully straightened their teeth with Invisalign.

Join the revolution, and make one day today! Book your complimentary Invisalign consultation with Dr Kamini Titus at Dental Specialists Turramurra today to find out if Invisalign could be the treatment you need to help you achieve a straighter smile.