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Exploring the Role of Prosthodontists

What is Prosthodontics

Restoring and replacing teeth and oral structures is the specialty of prosthodontics. It includes many procedures to improve a patient’s smile’s appearance and function. From simple dental crowns and bridges to complex full-mouth reconstructions, our Turramurra prosthodontists expertly treat dental issues.

Who is a Prosthodontist?

Dental specialists who specialise in prosthodontics have extensive training beyond dental school.

What do our Prosthodontists Specialize in?

  • Maxillofacial Prosthodontics
  • Implant Prosthodontics
  • Geriatric Prosthodontics
  • Esthetic Prosthodontics
  • Removable Prosthodontics
  • Reconstructive Prosthodontics
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders
  • Occlusal Prosthodontics

Exploring the Role of Prosthodontists in Turramurra

We all want to have a beautiful smile, and with good reason. A beautiful smile exudes happiness, confidence and impacts our lives in every imaginable setting. It’s important to recognise, however, that a beautiful smile is not always a healthy smile. Only a healthy oral foundation and function will allow you to maintain a beautiful smile for life.

And this is precisely what motivates a prosthodontist. Prosthodontics is all about helping patients achieve an aesthetically flawless smile that is healthy at the foundation.

The basis for all of our dental services is careful planning and preparation for each individual patient. Because we make sure that your jaw, teeth and gums are healthy and prepared properly for any treatment, you will gain the benefits of a beautiful smile that will give you confidence with long-term, pain-free results.

What is a prosthodontist?

To gain qualification as a prosthodontist, a dental practitioner must have completed additional training in advanced dental procedures. The complete prosthodontics qualification requires an extra four years of full-time study in a peer-reviewed environment, not simply an additional unit or two of study.

Many dentists label themselves ‘cosmetic dentists’. While they may have an interest in the areas of cosmetic dentistry, they haven’t necessarily completed any further qualifications or examinable study.

Seeking the services of a prosthodontist ensures you are being treated by a dental practitioner with advanced knowledge and skills. They will help you achieve a smile that is both healthy at the foundation and aesthetically flawless on the surface.

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Meet Dr Anthony Au (Prosthodontist)

Tony completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Sydney, where he also received his specialist training in prosthodontics. He has been actively practicing as a prosthodontist for more than 30 years and is highly sought after by both patients and referring colleagues for his ability to solve even the most complex and challenging of cosmetic and restorative problems.


At Dental Specialists Turramurra, we provide a wide range of prosthodontics treatments and services including:

  • Dental restoration
  • Bridge Resin-retained bridge
  • Rochette bridge
  • Crown Post and core
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Veneer
  • Dentures Complete (Removable, Partial, Fixed)
  • Maxillofacial Ocular prosthesis
  • Craniofacial prosthesis

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