Comprehensive Dental Assessment

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Your Examination

To ensure we can identify and provide the most appropriate and successful treatment for you in the case of complex restorative work, we recommend a complete examination after your initial consultation.

During this examination we will:

  • Examine each of your teeth and all of their supporting bone and gum tissue in detail under high magnification
  • Provide an oral cancer screen
  • Take study models (moulds) of your teeth and special jaw records to study the static and dynamic relationships of your “bite” on our jaw analyser
  • Do a detailed cosmetic analysis to see how we can improve your smile
  • Take diagnostic photographic records of your teeth for our reference. These will also provide important cosmetic comparisons to help our dental technicians
  • Take x-rays of some of your teeth that are of strategic importance in planning your treatment

We then have a complete picture to build your personalised treatment plan and will be able to ensure your dentistry withstands the test of time to give you long-term, trouble-free results and peace of mind.

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