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Complex Restorative Dentistry

Ageing is unavoidable, it is a natural process. Free radicals in the environment accelerate the ageing process. Whilst we cannot stop ageing, its effects can be camouflaged.

With ageing, there are many noticeable facial changes:

All these effects can be reversed to a certain extent by modern dental treatment. Our specialists will be more than happy to help you rejuvenate your smile to provide a more youthful countenance and pleasing smile.

Crowns and bridges, full mouth rehabilitation, dental implants and removable appliances are some of the options we offer at Dental Specialists Turramurra, and we will incorporate them into an individual treatment plan for you.

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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges offer patients a permanent and comfortable way to repair or replace broken or missing teeth. They are a functional and aesthetically beautiful solution for restoring missing and extensively broken teeth. Like a helmet protecting a person’s head, crowns also protect teeth with cracks and/or large fillings from splitting.

When a tooth is too badly broken down to be restored with a simple filling, a crown is the ideal solution to restore full shape and function. Similarly, if you have missing teeth bridges can replace them quickly without complicated surgery and be totally indistinguishable from your own teeth.

Crowns & bridges – a natural-looking solution

Using the latest high-strength dental porcelain for your crowns and bridges, we are able to reproduce the natural translucency of teeth.

Our systematic and meticulous cosmetic diagnosis, developed specially by us at Dental Specialists Turramurra, means we can ensure you get the best results possible from your new crowns or bridges.

The Vitapan 3D Master Shade Guide allows us to exactly match the colour of the crowns and bridges to your existing teeth and the result is a beautiful smile that you can show off with confidence.

Careful preparation gives you lasting results on your crowns & bridgework

Before we begin any work on your crowns or bridges, the proper foundations are laid to ensure a lasting, healthy result.  We do this by first making sure that your teeth and gums are healthy, your jaw muscles are in proper function and your bite is properly aligned to receive the new crowns.  Careful attention to this preparation is like laying a good foundation for a building and ensures a superior result in the long term.

Case 1

before after img 1

Failing bridgework on the upper front teeth were replaced in conjunction with comfortable upper and lower partial dentures. Chewing function was restored and the cosmetic appearance improved.

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Full Mouth Rejuvenation

A full mouth rejuvenation (FMR) is rather less severe than its name would suggest. An FMR generally involves a coordinated plan of specialised treatments to provide you with a holistic rather than a random “patching-up” approach to preserving your teeth.

An FMR will rejuvenate your appearance by improving your smile and restore comfortable chewing function with the best materials for a stable, long-lasting result.

The Dental Specialists Turramurra approach to the full mouth rejuvenation

At Dental Specialists Turramurra, our focus is always on providing you with the peace of mind of a long-lasting and successful treatment outcome.

We take great care in assessing your needs and providing a stable foundation before we proceed with any reconstructive dental work. We make sure your teeth are supported by healthy bone and soft tissue, free of disease. We synchronise the function of your jaw muscles and your bite for efficiency and comfort. We evaluate and treat your teeth to make sure they are structurally strong and biological vital. We achieve this through a coordinated programme of specialised treatment tailored to your needs. It is this attention to detail that has resulted in our excellent track record of successful solutions for our patients.

What is involved in a full mouth rejuvenation?

Each case is assessed individually to determine the exact treatment required but an FMR generally involves a combination of specialized treatments that will restore your smile, comfort, and function. We do not take a “cookbook” or “assembly line” approach to your treatment as everyone is different and has different needs.

Dr Au and his team, who are experts in all areas of reconstructive dentistry, will provide you with a customized treatment recommendation, and this may include a combination of bite correction, dental implants, crowns, bridges, removable dentures, veneers or teeth whitening where indicated. Your tailored treatment programme will provide a long-term solution for your entire oral health and wellbeing.

Full mouth rejuvenation – a positive experience

Although the concept of treating your whole mouth and jaw may sound daunting, our primary focus at Dental Specialists Turramurra, is your comfort. Our treatment rooms are designed to make you feel at ease and happy with your environment and our staff are always courteous and will tend to your every need during treatment.

At Dental Specialists Turramurra, we have expertise in many special techniques that will eliminate discomfort during treatment. We no longer use conventional needles and syringes for injections. Instead, we have a computerised unit that administers the local anaesthetic drop by drop through a tiny acupuncture-style point.  This eliminates the usual discomfort of injections. We can also provide premedication or inhalational analgesia to alleviate anxiety and help you relax. In addition, we have aromatherapy eye packs or virtual reality DVD viewers that can help make your treatment period more enjoyable.

Case 2

full mouth case 2

Female with failing bridgework, infected upper front teeth, significant discolouration.
A combination of dental implants replacing her upper front teeth, porcelain veneers and full crowns on back teeth rejuvenated her smile and appearance.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most effective, comfortable and long-lasting solution for replacing missing or unsalvageable teeth. Using a technique pioneered in the 1960’s by Professor Brånemark of Sweden called osseointegration, titanium posts are placed in the jaw where the tooth root would normally be. Titanium bonds to the bone to form a secure anchor for the replacement ceramic tooth.

Professor Anthony Au teaches the use of dental implants in the Graduate Diploma course in implant dentistry at the University of Sydney. Working closely with a team of the most skilled and experienced surgeons, we ensure that your implants are both technically perfect, exactly fitting your jaw function and aesthetically matched to your existing teeth for a natural appearance.

Through our careful preparation of your bite, we ensure the long-term functional and cosmetic success of your implants.  By stabilising your bite before implant treatment, we have found that our patients do not experience the typically expected bone loss around the top of the implant, after the first year in use. We are very proud of this achievement.

Why choose dental implants?

Dental implants are expensive and require minor surgery but they are the best permanent solution to tooth loss and provide you with a replacement that looks, feels and performs exactly as a natural tooth would.

At DST, our careful planning with diagnostic models and CT scans, and preparation of your bite beforehand ensure that you enjoy your favourite meals again with the confidence of implant-supported crowns that are as easy to maintain as your natural teeth.

Case 3

implants before after 2

Upper complete denture, lower partial denture and infected lower teeth were replaced with upper and lower full arch implant-supported bridges.

Removable partial dentures img

Removable Appliances

Removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures are an effective way of replacing one or several missing teeth using clips to attach to your existing teeth. They are more economical than fixed bridgework or implants and remain an important alternative when these treatments are not possible or desirable.

Dental Specialists Turramurra– specialists in even the most difficult removable partial denture cases

Providing excellent removable partial dentures has some unique challenges. Special skills and experience are needed to make them blend inconspicuously with existing teeth and maximise comfort through clever and effective prosthesis design.

At Dental Specialists Turramurra, we are renowned for our expertise in providing removable partial dentures that are cosmetically pleasing and functionally comfortable. We enjoy helping patients with unique clinical challenges and unusual problems and boast a high rate of success in providing comfortable and durable partial dentures for them.

What service can you expect in preparation for your dentures?

At Dental Specialists Turramurra, we place high importance on the proper preparation of your bite, gums and teeth before we provide removable partial dentures. This will generally involve assessing your bite, correcting any jaw dysfunction and prescribing the most appropriate materials and design for your personal denture needs.

Once we have completed the preparation work, we ensure that your new dentures match your own teeth exactly using the Vitapan 3D Master Shade Guide. This gives you confidence in your smile, knowing that your removable partial dentures are virtually undetectable.

Post-treatment care

As part of your treatment, you will receive follow-up denture checks 1, 4, and 8 weeks after we have issued your dentures. This is a critical part of our service as this is when we help you adapt to your new dentures and show you how to use them correctly for long-term comfort and functionality.

Complete Dentures

We have many referrals for complete dentures with special problems. Making complete dentures is an art as much as science, but unfortunately it is no longer taught as a structured course at dental schools. We spend at least an hour with you at the initial consultation to fully examine all soft and hard tissues and explore all factors contributing to the long-term success of your complete dentures. We will also discuss with you, various treatment alternatives, including implant-supported overdentures and precision-attached overdentures. We take great care and many extra steps to make your complete dentures as aesthetic and comfortable as possible. It will take a number of extra visits when compared to complete dentures provided by most dental practices, but the extra time spent will be more than worthwhile.

How we make your complete dentures aesthetic and natural

We use a variety of methods to make your dentures appear natural and pleasant. If you have past photographs of your own natural teeth, we can use that as a guide. Subtle characterisations of the teeth to reproduce natural wear facets and incorporation of tints in the gum area can really make the dentures look realistic. We use the Vitapan 3D Master Shade Guide to select the colour of your teeth, and this is the most advanced colour selection system currently available. The teeth selected are set in wax first for your viewing, and we do not proceed to the final dentures unless you are 100% happy with the cosmetic appearance.

How we make your dentures stable

We use three impression stages in making your complete dentures. The preliminary impression is used to make custom-fitted trays for the secondary impression. The secondary impression uses a technique that records your tissues under no pressure and allows the denture to spread its load gently and evenly over the entire denture-bearing area. Therefore, there will be a minimum of sore spots later due to excessive pressure. In addition to these, we also use a neutral zone impression to position your lower back teeth comfortably between the cheeks and the tongue.

Stability can be enhanced by the use of metal castings as the base of the dentures. Titanium, cobalt-chromium or gold castings fit the mouth much more accurately than the traditional acrylic (plastic) base and titanium has only become available recently in Sydney. We will assess whether you are a suitable candidate for this new technology. We also extend lower denture into the retro mylohyoid space close to the side of the tongue. Extension into this space requires an advanced impression technique and will offer additional retention to your lower complete denture.

Our dental specialists will be more than happy to provide information for you to help you select the best treatment option for you. Whatever your requirements, we can offer a solution that will give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Complex Restorative Dentistry

At Dental Specialists Turramurra, we provide a wide range of specialist dental treatments and services. Contact us for more information or to book an appointment.

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