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A dazzling smiles is the greatest asset anyone can have

Achieve a Flawless Smile with Cosmetic Dental Care

We are dedicated to our patients and always take the time to listen to your concerns and aspirations. In this way, we are able to tailor a unique treatment plan for you in order to achieve your dream smile.

Teeth whitening, composites and ceramics, and veneers are some of the options we offer at Dental Specialists Turramurra, and we will incorporate them into an individual treatment plan for you.

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an effective way to brighten teeth discolouration or staining which increases with age and wear and tear. A dazzling smile is the greatest asset anyone can have. We offer the latest teeth whitening procedures.

Tooth whitening toothpaste

These contain either a mild peroxide bleach or abrasive sand particles to remove surface staining. Overuse of sand-containing whitening toothpaste can damage your teeth and cause gums to recede.

Bleaching kits from TV telemarketing or the internet

These often boast significantly shortened whitening time. The reality is that the faster the bleach, the shorter it lasts. Purchasing follow-up bleaching kits or maintenance kits will then become necessary. Internet bleaching kits bought from overseas may contain higher bleach concentrations that exceed Australian allowed limits and we have seen teeth and gums being damaged by these strong concentrations

Home bleaching kits

These can be purchased from your dentist and used in conjunction with custom-made bleaching trays. These will comply with Australian regulations and are therefore safe to use. The custom-made trays ensure the closest contact possible between the bleaching agent and teeth. The disadvantage is that this is a longer process, often requiring two weeks to a month to reach desired results. Therefore, for some, perseverance and compliance become an issue. For those who last the distance, the bleaching effect is more long-lasting. Despite instructions on some home-bleaching kits, use of the bleaching agent beyond 30 minutes is superfluous, as the active ingredients would have been totally used up by then.

“Silver and gold, have I none…” (Acts 3:6a)

Remember the days when fillings and crowns used to be silver or gold in colour? Sometimes these even turned black with tarnishing. Modern advances in resin and ceramic technology mean that we can now provide crowns and fillings that mimic real teeth in feel and appearance, but also in strength. Teeth with smaller cavities can be restored to health and strength with bonded resin fillings that can be sculpted by our specialists to resemble real teeth.

They can even be used as long-term temporary fillings, waiting to be fitted with a stronger crown at a later date.

Teeth with larger cavities or fractured cusps can be restored with bonded ceramic inlays, onlays or crowns, depending on the size of the defect. The advantage of all-ceramic restorations is their translucency. They resemble real teeth, as they allow light to be transmitted through them, unlike the metal-ceramic crowns where the porcelain is supported by an underlying metal foundation. Metal-ceramic crowns, therefore, do not allow light to pass through them like real teeth. The high strength of modern dental ceramics and improved bonding techniques also mean that the shaping of the teeth in preparation to receive a ceramic restoration is much more conservative and more of your precious tooth structure is retained and preserved.

For more information on the correct choice of restorative material, please refer to our fact sheet.

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Composite Resins

Composite resin, or white fillings, is a method of filling cavities in teeth. Composite resin was developed in the 1960’s and was originally used only on front teeth which present much less wear on the fillings. It is a tooth-coloured plastic mixture filled with glass (silicon dioxide) that can be moulded to the shape of your tooth.
Recent advances in dentistry have meant that composite resin can now be used to fill cavities in molars, particularly if they are smaller cavities, and provide you with an alternative solution to metal fillings.

Why use composite resin?

The first reason for using composite resin to repair cavities in teeth is an aesthetic one. The resin can be matched closely to the colour of your teeth which means that you can avoid the unsightly look of dark fillings.

Composite resin adds to the confidence you have in your smile and as part of a regular maintenance program where teeth are monitored and checked regularly, they can give you excellent results.

Is composite resin an advantage?

Although metal fillings can generally offer a longer-term treatment for larger cavities, the modern focus is on the importance of regular maintenance of your teeth.

Advances in bonding and resin technology mean that we no longer have to drill into the live sections of your teeth. We can bond composite resin fillings safely to your remaining tooth structure. 

The composite resin bond protects the remaining tooth structure from further breakages by binding the tooth together. Correct application of modern bonding agents protects teeth against sensitivity from excessive temperature changes caused by food and drink.

The real benefit of composite resins is the ability to bond to tooth structure. Drilling is significantly reduced, which preserves the tooth and makes it stronger. At Dental Specialists Turramurra, we have a selection of the latest bonding agents and will tailor the best one to the particular situation to achieve a long-lasting result.

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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an ideal and gentle way to improve the appearance of your smile. There are many applications for porcelain veneers such as reshaping your teeth, filling in gaps for a more attractive look, fixing cracked teeth and making your teeth whiter.

As they are made from translucent material, they appear as natural as normal healthy teeth and are largely stain resistant so you can be always confident of a beautiful smile always.

How do porcelain veneers work?

Veneers work by fitting a thin layer of porcelain over your teeth with a special bonding agent. Because the veneers are made to fit your teeth with customed designs to correct undesirable defects, they take on the appearance and functionality of normal teeth.

Using the new Vitapan 3D Master Shade Guide, we can match your new porcelain veneers to your existing teeth, creating an undetectable new look.

Preparing your teeth for porcelain veneers

We feel that the preparation of your teeth and jaw are a vital part of every successful, long-lasting treatment we carry out at Dental Specialists Turramurra. Before we commence the preparation of the veneers, we first make sure that your existing teeth, jaw muscles and bite are healthy.

In the spa-like comfort of our relaxing treatment room, we carefully prepare your teeth by gently reshaping the shiny enamel surface.

After preparing the teeth, we make an impression of them and then the porcelain veneers are created to fit.


One of the benefits of porcelain veneers is that they require very little maintenance. After your veneers have been fitted you only have to come for one follow-up visit to ensure that the treatment has worked well for you. Then, a normal six-monthly check-up is all that is required to keep them as good as new.
Our dental specialists will be more than happy to provide information for you to help you select the best treatment option for you. Whatever your requirements, we can offer a solution that will give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Below you can see some of the cases we’ve recently been working on:

Case 1

Case 1 beforeCase 1 after

Severely worn and damaged back teeth can be protected and proper function can be restored by anatomical sculpting of composite resins.

These upper molars have been damaged by severe night time teeth grinding and an unbalanced bite. Orthodontic treatment recreated the necessary space to provide resin fillings to cover the exposed sensitive inner dentine layer and restore anatomical form for proper chewing.

Case 2

Case 2 beforeCase 2 after

Teeth damaged by night time sleep teeth grinding and unsightly defects can be repaired with composite resins. The choice of masking colours give these jaded upper front teeth a much needed “lift”.

Case 3

Case 3 beforeCase 3 after

Effects of an acidic diet and severe sleep teeth grinding have prematurely aged these teeth. Skilful camouflaging with composite resins can restore a youthful, natural appearance to these lower front teeth.

Case 4

Case 4 beforeCase 4 after

Severely worn upper front teeth from excessive soft drinks and sleep teeth grinding.
Correct shaping of composite resins using carefully matched colours can make a big difference to the cosmetic beauty of these teeth. 

Case 5

Case 5 beforeCase 5 after

Previous composite veneers were flat, incorrectly shaped and lifeless. Careful choice of composite resin built up in layers of different colours, and correct anatomical sculpting, brings vibrance and life back to these upper front teeth and harmonises them with the lips in the smile.

Case 6

Case 6 before newCase 6 after 1

Correct choice of colour, anatomical shaping, and sculpting on this upper lateral incisor can restore the natural appearance of a badly broken down tooth.

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